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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

144) Skin Deep by Christopher Golden

The Blurb :

"A girl is dead, and one of your best friends got his head cracked with a shovel, because some white guy didn't want to see them kiss."" When Jenna and Damon first began dating, neither worried too much about the other's skin color. After all, Somerset is a pretty liberal college environment. But when a black couple is attacked by a white man on campus, race relations become cause for frenzied peace rallies, protests, and debate for the entire student body. Suddenly Jenna has her hands full investigating the attack -- and defending her interracial romance....

Then a white student turns up dead at the hands of a black assailant.

As racial tension reaches a fever pitch on campus, the crimes continue, growing increasingly brutal. Strangely, in each case no two witnesses can form the same description of the perpetrator.

The police are looking for two young men. Until one assailant, pronounced dead at the crime scene, disappears....

My Thoughts :

I read Head Games, the fifth book in this series, for a Read-a-thon on the weekend and then I picked up this one, the sixth part, straight after.  I found the books covered in dust on my bookshelf and they have been there a long time.  I can't even remember when I read the first four books in the series but I know I really enjoyed them and Head Games reminded me how much.

While I enjoy Jenna's way of thinking and the crimes/mysteries she gets involved with, I have to say I didn't like this one very much.  I am not sure if it was the underlying theme, the very weird solution for the murders or the fact that it was so violent that bothered me but I didn't enjoy the story as much as the previous ones.  What I do know is that this one was pulling further away from the forensic aspect of Jenna's life and just had her being involved for no real reason.

Definitely not the best of the bunch so far but it hasn't put me off.  I want to see where the author takes Jenna's character next.  After her neurosis about all these bad things happening to her I really do hope that the next case is a lot less closer to home.  For a young girl to have so much happen to her in such a short amount of time...well it starts to be a bit unrealistic and silly.

I have the next book on my shelf and I will be reading it soon.  The I will decide if I want to hunt down more in the series.  I think there are ten books so it would be a shame not to finish the series.

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