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Monday, December 29, 2014

149) Paranormal Bromance by Carrie Vaughn

The Blurb :

Sam has been a vampire for 15 years, and now he's having a midlife crisis. That is, if he were still human, he'd be turning 40 and having a midlife crisis. He's just met exactly the kind of woman he's always wanted -- but these days, all he really wants is blood. Maybe he could work through it, but his vampire roommates just don't understand. Wasn't unlife supposed to get easier?

My Thoughts :

I came across this novella totally by accident and I am really glad I did!  The book was in one of those recommendations lists on Amazon and the cover looked so out of place compared to the rest.  The title was the next thing that struck me and finally I noticed the author!  Carrie Vaughn, author of the Kitty Norville novels is a must read for me and I was surprised to see something looking so quirky from her.

As if I wasn't surprised enough by finding this novella I also saw that this short story hasn't been out long and it is set in the Kitty universe!  Although Kitty does make an appearance this story has no impact on the ongoing story in the series so if you haven't read the series yet you are quite safe reading this one to get a feel for the author and the concept.

It isn't worth going into depth about the story because the blurb says it all and I would be giving too much away.  It is a great short story that I really enjoyed and can highly recommend.  A definite must read for any fans of the author and nice the Kitty series.  I hope the guys in the book get to show themselves again sometime.  They were interesting and different from your typical vampires and I am sure they have more stories to tell.  Maybe they have a future!

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