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Thursday, April 16, 2015

46) Quick Study by Maggie Barbieri

The Blurb :

Alison thought that dating a cute NYPD detective like Bobby Crawford would be exciting, but he hasn’t really invited her on any stakeouts…

Things do rev up when a friend asks her for help finding his nephew—the same missing boy Bobby pulled from the Hudson days earlier. The boy’s employer calls it a suicide, but Alison and Bobby, not convinced, take the case into their own hands.

With matching and sleuthing to spare, staying out of trouble isn’t on the syllabus in this third outrageous outing starring Alison and Bobby.

My Thoughts :

This is the third book in another series I have been neglecting!  The Murder 101 Mysteries have somehow managed to pile up on my Kindle and not actually get read so when I saw that I could get the Audible version very cheap (because I have the Kindle version) I snapped it up and was happy to get another series back on track!

As it turned out, this installment wasn't the best so far.  I have much fonder memories of books one and two and didn't find this third part to be overly exciting.  The plot was ok and the on-going story was still enough to keep me reading (or in this case listening) but there was something missing and a lot of the story felt flat.

There was quite a repetitive feeling to this book.   I kept hearing the heights of people,  Alison mentioning her French-Canadian cheese roots and also a lot of Rangers talk.  I think the most annoying and constantly repeated phrase was 'fugue state'.  I swear the term was used at least once in every chapter and I can't believe the author, who is writing from an English teachers perspective, couldn't come up with another description for someone staring into space.

Although Quick Study was a little disappointing compared to the two previous books, I still enjoyed listening to the story and am prepared to listen to more.  I will certainly be giving the fourth installment a try and look forward to seeing what happens next to the many unusual characters that play a part in Alison's life and this series.  I also enjoy the trip to New York ;)

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1 comment:

Anne said...

What a coincidence, I just reread this last week. I like the series, but it isn't a must read for me.