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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

72) The Longest Yard Sale by Sherry Harris

The Blurb :


When Sarah Winston turns Ellington, Massachusetts, into New England’s largest garage sale for a day, it’s the small town’s biggest event since the start of the Revolutionary War—but without the bloodshed. That is, until a valuable painting goes missing…and the lifeless body of an Air Force officer is found in Carol Carson’s painting studio, his face perfectly framed with the murder weapon—a metal picture frame.


Sarah is mad as heck that someone used her town-wide garage sale to commit a crime—and frame her good friend Carol. She is definitely on this case…but it’s not easy rummaging through increasingly strange clues that point to cheating spouses, downright dirty investment schemes—even the mob. And Sarah will have to be very careful if she wants to live to bargain another day…

My Thoughts :

Seeing as I had already read the debut in this series, Tagged For Death,  I decided to give the next Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery a go.  I remember liking the first book and could actually remember a lot of the story, characters etc.  Which means it managed to make enough of an impression on me and definitely deserved to be visited again.

I have to say I am glad I went back to see what Sarah Winston was up to.  The characters and concept are not overly exciting but they have piqued my interest and I do like them.  The garage sale angle isn't something I can relate to but Sarah is a strong minded woman around the same age as myself who has found herself re-inventing herself after her marriage breaks down.

The plot this time around once again has some connections to the Army Base life Sarah has not really left behind.  Although it is a big part of the community it seems that this will also be a on-going connection in the series.  It was nice to follow the clues and try and figure things out as the story unfolded.  It wasn't easy to put things together but finally it all made sense.

Although this was only the second book, the author has managed to build up a lovely community and a welcoming atmosphere.  If I had picked this one up not knowing it was only the second in the series I would have sworn it was the fifth or sixth installment.   Things are just so well thought out and written.

This is a series worth checking out.  A nice cozy and not over the top or over bearing.  Just a great mystery with some interesting characters and a well told story.

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