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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

89) The Cat, The Sneak and The Secret by Leann Sweeney

The Blurb :

Jillian Hart and Tom are finally tying the knot, but first they need to make sure Tom’s stepson, Finn, is as comfortable as possible in the lake house they will all call home. So when it becomes clear that Finn has fallen for a pretty cat from the Mercy Animal Sanctuary, Jillian and Tom readily agree to make room for one more—even though the tortoiseshell kitty is a notorious kleptomaniac.

So far, the cat has sneaked out of the adoption center time after time, bringing back trinkets, shoelaces, and socks. But when she brings back an antique locket, Finn enlists Tom’s and Jillian’s sleuthing skills. They hope to return the treasured item to its owner, but their search for answers is sidetracked when a body is found. Still, their sneaky cat’s find may just lead them to a killer.…

My Thoughts :

It is so nice to be all caught up with this series but now I will have to wait for the next installment!  (If there is one)  I am a big cat lover and have two of my own but like Jillian, I would happily surround myself with even more.  This time around there is a lovely cheeky kitty called Magpie to amuse the readers and I couldn't get enough of his shenanigans.  Oh and the mystery plot was good too ;)

This was the seventh installment in the Cats in Trouble Mysteries and it was just as delightful as the previous reads in the series.  I love the characters and location but the cat theme is a huge selling point as well.  The fact that the author always weaves a nice mystery plot is also not lost on me and I love spending time with Jillian as she unravels the mystery.

There was some sadness in this one with the loss of a regular character but there were also some new characters and a lovely event that regular readers will be eager to hear about.  As always the narrator did a great job and I have to applaud her work on this series because she really brings it to life.  I enjoy listening to this series so much because of her voice.

I was always jealous of Jillian's kitty cam and often moaned I wanted one too and guess what?  I have one now.  It was actually funny to hear Jillian had some new functions on hers because mine already had them!  Although I have to say that mine little darlings are not always in plain view ready for me to watch them!

A great cozy series and one I always love to visit.  I hope there will be more in the series and look forward to more mysteries as well as the continuing stories of all the characters in Mercy.

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