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Sunday, December 20, 2015

125) Murder of a Creped Suzette by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

When megamillionaire and imitation cowboy Rex Taylor proposes building a country music theater in Scumble River, everyone's ready to do the boot-scootin' boogie except school psychologist Skye Denison. She's been asked by Suzette Neal, Rex's assistant and a rising county star, to investigate her mother's suspicious death twenty-seven years earlier. No sooner does Skye agree to help than she finds Suzette literally flattened- and very dead.

This has fast become a case of two questionable deaths, and suspicion seems to be hovering over Suzette's inner circle: Rex's jealous wife, a mysterious man in a black pickup truck, and the sizzling-hot singer Flint James, who also happens to have been Suzette's bitter rival for country-western fame. With a honky-tonk full of suspects and a tangled web of motives that stretches back two decades, Skye has two options: Rise to the occasion or end up as flat as a crepe.

My Thoughts :

When I wrote my review for the thirteenth book in the Scumble River Mystery series yesterday morning, I didn't think I would already be writing a review for the fourteenth installment today.  Despite already having listened to a few hours of this book I didn't think I would finish it so quickly.  However it turned out I did.

The plot this time around was ok.  It wasn't overly impressive but at least it kept me guessing.  I didn't have a clue who the murderer was until Skye started to put things together and then I didn't understand the how and why until it was explained.  There wasn't much in the way of a continuation in the on-going story with just a little plot sideline regarding the annulment Wally is trying to get.

There isn't much else I can say about this book.  The title gives away who gets murdered but the plot is definitely a twisty one.  I missed Skye's family in this one.  They were there but not as much as they usually are.  Also Bunny and the other minor characters like Franny were absent and missed.

Of course I have the next book waiting for me on my Audible app.  I will start it tomorrow on the way to work.  I just can't get enough of listening to this series and look forward to getting up-to-date very soon!

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Aurian said...

I really need to start reading this author, thanks for the reminder Amber. So glad you love this series.