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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

126) Thread and Gone by Lea Wait

The Blurb :

When a priceless antique is stolen, murder unravels the peaceful seaside town of Haven Harbor, Maine. . .

Angie Curtis and her fellow Mainely Needlepointers know how to enjoy their holidays. But nothing grabs their attention like tying up loose threads. So when Mary Clough drops in on the group's Fourth of July supper with a question about an antique needlepoint she's discovered in her family attic, Angie and her ravelers are happy to look into the matter.

Angie's best guess is that the mystery piece may have been stitched by Mary, Queen of Scots, famous not just for losing her head, but also for her needlepointing. If Angie's right, the piece would be extremely valuable. For safekeeping, Angie turns the piece over to her family lawyer, who places it in a safe in her office. But when the lawyer is found dead with the safe open and ransacked, the real mystery begins. . .

My Thoughts :

After reading the first two books in the Mainely Needlepoint series I couldn't resist getting a copy of this third installment.  I love the setting, the characters and the theme of this cozy mystery series and couldn't wait to see what the author had install for me this time around.

Thread and Gone's story takes place only weeks after the previous book.  Angie's grandma is still on her honeymoon and the Summer season is starting in Haven Harbor.  An interesting historical mystery then begins when someone asks the Mainely Needlepointers to look at an antique needlepoint that may of been stitched by a Queen.  The plot thickens when a murder takes place in connection to the needlepoint and while Angie wants to know who would kill to get the antique she is also concerned about its whereabouts.

I enjoyed this mystery as much as I did the previous two books.  I wish I could visit this lovely town and spend some time there.  It sounds lovely.  The characters are beginning to become very familiar although this time around Angie was out and about meeting various other residents of the town.  The mystery was well thought out and I loved the historical aspect of the story and I learnt a lot from the information included.

Even if you don't like needlepoint, this is a cozy you can enjoy.  The theme isn't too overbearing and the author makes it very interesting by adding needlepoint facts/quotes at the beginning of each chapter.  Also with Angie being a novice it means you get to learn everything with her.  A big selling point if you don't know your cross stitch from your blanket stitch.

There is only one negative thing I have to say about this book was the ending.  The mystery progressed at a nice pace and then all of a sudden it was over and the mystery was solved.  It took me by surprise and I had to flick back and re-read through it all again because it happened so quickly.  Not a huge problem but one that deserved a mention.

This is a series that is well worth reading.  I look forward to reading more and seeing how Angie develops as a character and grows into her new life in Haven Harbor.  It will be very interesting to see what the author comes up with next and if Angie does get a cat.

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Aurian said...

Great review Amber, adding this series to my wishlist. It does sound like the kind of series I do enjoy a lot.

Unknown said...

I hope the author keeps writing at the rate she is! I love getting new installments every six months!