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Sunday, November 27, 2016

88) Body on the Bayou by Ellen Byron

The Blurb :

The Crozats feared that past murders at Crozat Plantation B&B might spell the death of their beloved estate, but they’ve managed to survive the scandal. Now there’s a très bigger story in Pelican, Louisiana: the upcoming nuptials between Maggie Crozat’s nemesis, Police Chief Rufus Durand, and her co-worker, Vanessa Fleer.

Maggie, inexplicably tasked with being Vanessa's Maid of Honor, quickly discovers why everyone else refused the assignment when the Bridezilla hands her a long list of duties — the most important of which is entertaining Vanessa’s cousin, Ginger Fleer-Starke, a mysterious woman with dangerous secrets. But just days before the wedding, Ginger’s lifeless body is found on the bayou behind Crozat Plantation and the Pelican PD, as well as the Crozats, have another murder mystery on their hands.

There’s a gumbo-potful of suspects, including an ex-Marine with PTSD, an annoying local newspaper reporter, and Vanessa’s own sparkplug of a mother. But when it looks like the investigation is zeroing in on Vanessa as the prime suspect, Maggie reluctantly adds keeping the bride-to-be out of jail to her list of Maid of Honor responsibilities.

My Thoughts :

I really enjoyed the series debut, Plantation Shudders, and had this book on my pre-order list as soon as it showed up on Amazon.  Unfortunately I got behind with my reading and didn't get to it straight away and then when I did start it I kept having to put it down as I couldn't concentrate or didn't have enough time.  I was enjoying it but with life throwing other things at me I just wasn't getting far.

Finally I finished this one and have to say that I really liked it.  It wasn't as good as the debut but it was still a great book.  The mystery kept me guessing and there are some wonderful characters involved in the series.  This time around it seems they got a little crazier than I remembered them to be but it all made for good reading so I don't care one bit.

Some of the plot was a little annoying in a way.  The whole wedding debacle was slowly getting on my nerves but I wasn't the only one.  Even Maggie had had enough and I felt it brought us a little closer.  Sometimes the Bo angle frustrated me but I think that was intended.  After all there is nothing like a romance problem to keep people reading.

All in all this series got off to a great start and is continuing to shine in this second installment.  I can't wait to read part three and hope that there are many more Cajun Country Mysteries to come.  I will definitely be picking them up and checking out what Maggie gets mixed up with next and how things progress with her guy and all the other wonderful characters in her life.

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