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Thursday, March 11, 2010

32) Ghouls Gone Wild by Victoria Laurie

Psychic M.J. Holliday is taking part in a new cable TV show called 'Ghoul Getters'. With two psychics and a small crew the reality show is travelling to Edinburgh in Scotland to check out some haunted places and hopefully catch some spooky action on film. The locations have already been organised but when M.J sees some footage from a town outside of the capital, she insists on going there first.

The location is overflowing with energy. M.J and the other psychic, Heath, are concerned about the amount of action and want to try and do something about it. Then they discover the body of a maintenance worker and slowly the history of the town starts to unfold. Soon M.J and Heath find themselves being attacked by a witch. A witch who wants revenge. The psychics and crew are in her way and unfortunately the ghoul can do damage to the living.

I really enjoy this series and this newest installment was one of the spookiest. There were points in this book where I got goosebumps because it was so descriptive and creepy. I totally got engrossed in this one and think it is the best one yet. The change of location was a pleasant surprise and the author managed to capture Scotland quite nicely.

The mix of cozy mystery and paranormal in this series is very well balanced and fun. The psychic element and ghosts are the main attractions in the Ghost Hunter Mysteries but the new TV show angle is really making this series even better. The relationship side story between M.J and Heath is something I really want to read more about next time but as long as the mysterious and strange stories keep coming I am going to keep reading. This series is a must read for me!


Patricia Altner said...

Hi Amber

What a great review. I am not familiar with Ghost Hunter Mysteries, but now I have to start. Probably best to start with the first book. You made Ghouls Gone Wild sound so appealing. Now I need to add something else to the TBR pile - even if no vampires are involved :)

Unknown said...

Oh, this pounds like my kind of book!! I lov anything witchy, Sppooky.,etc. Especially when it holds your attention.

Thank you for your review of this one. Need to get a copy.