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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Contest Reminder! THREE Author guests = THREE contests

This week there are THREE author contests!!! I don't know how that happened but I am sure you aren't complaining? Especially as all three are giving away some great prizes! Have you entered all of them?

All three contests close on Sunday so make sure you enter before 4pm Central European Time! Here is the info -

Author J.K. Beck sent me a guest blog and is giving away a copy of her new book 'When Blood Calls'. Click here to enter!

Author Ann Marsh-Flores also sent me a guest blog for you all and she is giving away a copy of her first book, The Hunt! Click here to enter!

And author M.K. Hobson came by to tell us about her debut book, The Native Star! She is also giving away a copy! Click here to enter!

Oh and the Monthly Giveaway is coming up soon and the results of the Literary Escapism contest will be coming soon! I think you still have a few hours to get your name in on that one if you are quick!

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