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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Author Guest Blog & Contest with Artist Arthur

Artist Arthur has become a regular guest here on Amberkatze's Book. I first invited Artist on to the blog when I read her debut book, Manifest. Since then Artist has been on the blog quite a few times and I love inviting her back!

So now it is nearly time for, Mesmerize, book 4 in the Mystyx series and to celebrate Artist is here talking about the weather. Anyone who has already read the books will know that the weather plays a big part in the story and I hope everyone will enjoy the blog and enter the contest! You could win a signed copy of Mesmerize!!! (Not due out till Feb!!)


What’s With The Weather?
By Artist Arthur

People always ask me where I find my inspiration. And my answer is always, “I wake up each morning and watch everything and everyone around me.” Inspiration is everywhere, from the mood my seventeen year old daughter wakes up in, to the things my twelve year old daughter says on the cell phone with her friends. With that said, I watch the news a lot, too, just to see what people are doing. This year there’s been one recurring thought as I’ve watched, “What’s With The Weather”?

During the summer, I was at work one day (my day job was at a law firm until about a month ago when I moved to the court house) on the seventeenth floor of a twenty-five story office building. While standing and talking to a co-worker the floor seemed to ripple beneath me. Now, because my mind is usually in the fictional world I’m immediately thinking that it feels like I’m sinking in quicksand or traveling through another dimension. In a few seconds my co-worker screeches because the floor has moved again and now if feels like the entire building is swaying around us. Can you say earthquake? In Maryland??? I was scared out of my mind as I tried to hurry out of the building.

That night at home, I wrote a scene in Majestic, the final book in the Mystyx series. In the scene there was an earthquake and from the cracks in the earth an evil mist penetrated the earthly realm bringing with it…you’ll have to wait until August 2012 to see what it brings with it. :)

Weather has continued to be an intricate part of the Mystyx series as that is the origination of the supernatural power Jake, Sasha, Krystal and Lindsey possess. In Mesmerize, Lindsey’s telepathic power has actually manifested into an empathic stage. With the increasing changes in weather patterns all of the Mystyx experience a growth in their powers. Luckily for me, it seems the real world is eager to cooperate with my fictional one as we continue to experience weather anomalies such as the city sized iceberg breaking off from an Antarctic glazier. I wonder what effect that could have on the Mystyx and their journey???

Do you have any suggestions for how the weather could continue to hinder or help the Mystyx? Post your thoughts and be registered to win a signed copy of Mesmerize.

Mystyx Novel's

#1 - Manifest
#2 - Mystify
#2.5 - Mutiny (Free Download)
#3 - Mayhem
#4 - Mesmerize (February 2012)
#5 - Majestic (August 2012)


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Artist is giving away a signed copy of her upcoming release, Mesmerize!

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Starr K said...

I have not had the pleasure to read this series (though I do have Mutiny downloaded on my kindle), so this may have already been done. (Sometimes I think I'm a genius and other times I find out that I'm not that original.) But the weather can be moody, whether it's a thunderstorm that's bigger than anticipated or the threat of a tornado that never seems to touch down. Along with the craziness of the weather, the powers can flicker in and out at the most inconvenient of times. Yea, it's probably already been done, but that's my best guess.

Aurian said...

I haven't read the series yet, but they are on my wishlist.
How about using that incredible drought in Texas? Does that decrease their powers when they go there?

follower, subscriber, follow you on twitter and facebook.

marybelle said...

Could they harness the powers of the massive storms we are seeing? Typhoons & hurricanes & cyclones.


Birgit said...

I'm thinking along the lines of wind in combination with the elements - eg wind and heat, or wind and rain - one could help, the other hinder. Not sure though how I would use this in the story, but that's what the author's here for, right? ;-)

GFC follower (Birgit)

FB fan (Birgit Lehner)

And I also shared on FB: http://www.facebook.com/birgit.horvath.muck/posts/254053387994135

I also advertised you on my blog:

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

This is an awesome series and I hate to hear it is coming to an end. What about using the wildfires as a weather "crazy"

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com