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Saturday, February 18, 2012

24) Christmas in High Heels by Gemma Halliday

The Blurb :

Fashion designer turned amateur sleuth Maddie Springer can't wait to spend the holidays with her boyfriend, LAPD Detective Jack Ramirez. It's their first Christmas together, and Maddie wants it to be perfect. But between her zany family and wacky friends, Maddie's having a hard time finding alone time with her man. But come Christmas morning, this is one holiday she'll be sure to remember - naughty or nice!

My Thoughts :

I haven't read anthing by the author for years and when I came across a couple of novellas from a series I really enjoyed, well I couldn't resist. The Christmas theme put me off a little. Afterall that holiday is over and I would prefer not to think of it again for at least another eight months or so but this story came first in the order of things so I had to delve back into my Christmas spirit.

As short stories go it was very short. It didn't take very long to read at all. Ten minutes max. It was great to meet up with characters again and realised I hadn't forgotten them and enjoyed glimpsing back into their lives again. However whatever happiness I had about re-visitng this cozy mystery series disappeared when there was no crime! No dead body! No real mystery to solve!

Simple, cute but totally boring. I felt slightly cheated and have to say I could have done without this one. However that is always a risk when reading novellas. Some can be amazing but others can totally let you down.

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