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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

61) Dances with Demons by Lori Handeland

The Blurb :

When a demon comes calling Megan Murphy's bar blows sky-high, and she's suddenly on the run with her klutzy day shift bartender, the exceedingly gorgeous Quinn Fitzpatrick.

Quinn has been in love with Megan from the moment he saw her. Too bad he's living a lie. He isn't as klutzy as he makes out, nor as human as she believes. Quinn was sent to protect Megan from anything that slithers.

But there's danger afoot, and the best place for them both is one that’s far, far away. A place Quinn Fitzpatrick once called home. Ireland--land of fairies and gargoyles, shape-shifters, dragons and more.

There they will dance with demons, and Megan will uncover every secret Quinn has.

My Thoughts :

A long time ago there was this really good series by Lori Handeland.  The Phoenix Chronicles was original and fascinating but the series, as all good things do, ended.  While checking out the author on Goodreads I came across this novella and decided it needed to be read asap.  The series is not very fresh in my mind but this short story doesn't really have a lot to do with the main story in the Chronicles.  It does fit into the series but goes off on another tangent and you actually don't really need to read the previous books to read this one.  Although it does have some spoilers.

There isn't much to say about the story, which is short but full of fantasy.  Different and unusual it is only a short romance with a nice paranormal twists.  Some great characters that I would have liked to get to know better and a story that is, like every novella, over too quickly.

It was a nice trip back down memory lane and I will have to make sure that the Phoenix Chronicles get read again someday.  At least I will be able to read them all in one go and enjoy the goodness in one gulp.  If you haven't tried the books yet then I suggest you do.  A great Paranormal Urban Fantasy with a great heroine and a wonderfully engaging plot.

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1 comment:

Aurian said...

I confess I got stuck halfway in the Phoenix Chronicles, perhaps I should start again and finish it, because yes, I do have the books. But I did not know about this novella, it sounds good.