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Sunday, June 22, 2014

66) Poisoned Prose by Ellery Adams

The Blurb :

When Olivia Limoges and other Oyster Bay patrons of the arts sponsor a retreat for famous storytellers, one of them is going to have a very unhappy ending…

Olivia thought gathering some of the most renowned storytellers in one place would be a nice, simple way for herself and the Bayside Book Writers to appreciate their talents. But things take a dark turn when the most famous storyteller in the nation—the captivating performer Violetta Devereaux—announces onstage that she will meet her end in Oyster Bay.

When Violetta is discovered murdered after the show, everyone involved with the retreat becomes a suspect. There are rumors that Violetta, who grew up in extreme poverty in the Appalachian Mountains, possessed an invaluable treasure. Now Chief Rawlings and the Bayside Book Writers must work at a frenzied pace to solve the crime before someone closes the book on them.

My Thoughts :

Ellery Adams is a Cozy Mystery wonder!  Her books are some of my favourites in the genre with some amazing characrers, plots and locations.  The concepts are fresh and not unrealistic while her writing style is a delight.  Her Books by the Bay series is like taking a vacation and I have to say I would love to see Oyster Bay.  It sounds lovely.  I am not sure the murder rate would impress me as much but with Olivia Limoges around to find the guilty party then maybe I would chance it.

This fifth book in the series continues on with the life of Olivia and her writing club friends.  There is of course a murder but that thread of the story can't dominate the on-going saga of the characters I have come to know and love.  One of the writers is about to get published while another one will be getting dumped.  Another of the wannabe authors needs to think about the next step in their relationship or face losing the best thing that has ever happened to them.  All this and more makes up the wonderful and exciting background story for this super series.

The mystery was, as always, well thought out and exciting.  There was research to be done, links to be made and surprising revelations.  The whole event left some scars on the residents with one of the regular characters leaving the bay for good while another one left to get away for a while.  Also the whole situation left an opening for someone to come to the Bay that Olivia would rather not have there in her town.  So I am eager to see what the next book will bring for her.  Especially after the nice ending.

If you are a cozy lover then this series has to be on your reading list.  It is simply delicious!  If you like the occasional cozy but are more of a paranormal lover then try Ellery's Charmed Pie Shoppe series.  That one has a magical twist which makes the whole thing taste even better!  Oh and fans of this author be on the lookout for a new series!  The first installment in the Book Retreat Mystery comes out in August.  I am off to pre-order it now!

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