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Monday, June 23, 2014

Books that made me go Meh!

You know that feeling?  When a book fails to capture your attention?  When the characters or plot just don't match up with your expectations?  Well here are a couple of my recent 'Meh' books.  Oh and remember!  Just because I didn't get on with them doesn't mean you can't be friends with them ;)

Spinning in Her Grave by Molly McRae 
#3 Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery

I guess I made a mistake here because this is actually the third part in the series and it could be the reason why I didn't get this book.   However the theme itself, knitting etc, isn't really something I found to be very interesting.  I wanted to read this one because of the ghostly twist but that came across as a second thought and was handled quite strangely.

The characters were not very welcoming or interesting while the plot seemed a little slow to start.  I was obviously missing some information because I didn't know who anyone was or why certain things were as they were.  The style wasn't really helpful either.  The writer didn't manage to grab me and I gave up reading.  I have enough other books that need to be read.

The first in the series has been added to my wishlist and maybe I will try this one again from the beginning.  I am not really eager to get to it though.  This third in the series didn't make a good impression character and style wise so maybe I will just give it a miss.

The Taken
#1 Celestrial Blues

This book sounded like it would be amazing.  So maybe my high expectations were the reason why I couldn't get past the first few chapters?  Maybe I needed to give it more time but the story just wasn't making much sense and the characters didn't make me want to keep reading about them.  A bit of a flop all in all.

I am not sure if I would pick this one up again.  As a debut in a series it failed to wow me or give me that feeling of something amazing is about to happen.  I found no reason to keep reading and kept looking at how many pages I had already read and wondering how long I should keep going.  

My relationship with this author is a rocky one.  I enjoyed the first few books in her Zodiac series but then lost interest.  I also find her Las Vegas setting to be something different so maybe another series or another time I will manage to enjoy one of her books more. 


Do you have a certain cut off point for books?  A make or break number of chapters or pages?   I try not to get too far into a book because you end up at a point of no return but if the book hasn't grabbed me within the first five chapters or 10 percentage on the Kindle then I make know I have to make a decision.

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