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Thursday, June 26, 2014

69) How to be a Ghost by Audrey Claire

The Blurb :

Divorced mom Liberty "Libby" Grace works as an elementary school teacher and has no social life to speak of. The most she has to worry about is finding a way to fix a leaky faucet without a budget for a plumber. The next thing Libby knows she’s standing at the foot of her son’s bed completely see-through!

Libby can’t remember what happened to her. Is she dead? She doesn’t know for sure because she can’t find her body, and the last place she remembers being, the local hardware store, instead of her own body, she finds the corpse of the store’s owner, husband to the mayor of her small town.

In order to solve the mystery surrounding her disappearance, Libby must figure out who killed George Walsh. Along the way, she gets help from her reclusive neighbor, Ian McClain, who has a secret of his own.

My Thoughts :

I am always on the lookout for paranormal mysteries and if they are a little cozy then I am happy to cuddle up with them.  This one kept popping up on my recommendations and in the end I gave in.  The price was right and it sounded too good to pass up on.

The author took no time in getting down to business and the ghostly aspect comes along straight away.  The concept is a good one although the book ended with me having some really big questions about Libby's future.  The mystery and the plot were interesting enough although I am not sure I completely understand why the person was doing what they were doing but the route to the murder was clear enough.

Libby and the other characters were likable enough and paranormal lovers will be happy to hear that this one doesn't just involve ghosts.  There is also a vampire in this series debut.  Libby being a mother was a nice twist but I feel the story would have worked without just as well if she didn't have a child.   Of course it meant the story had more depth but it also held Libby back.

This book checked all my criteria for being a good read but it was a little unpolished.  Also the book ended with the first mystery being solved but all the other aspects being left open and unresolved.  In a way I feel tricked into wanting to read the next installment but on the other hand I really want to see where the author takes things.  This was a bad start and I wonder if it will continue to get better.

I have put the second part on my wishlist but am trying to stop myself from getting a copy right now.  I certainly recommend trying this one because it is nice easy read especially if you are just looking for something new or need to fill up your Summer reading list.

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