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Saturday, June 28, 2014

70) Cooking up Murder by Miranda Bliss

The Blurb :

On the first night of Annie and Eve's cooking class, they dish up a murder. Now the friends feel bound to uncover whatever secrets a classmate is hiding before someone else's goose gets cooked. Original.

My Thoughts :

I don't remember how this book landed on my bookshelf but it is a paperback version and has been on my shelf for a long time.  During the coming Summer months I am going to try and read more of the physical books I have and leave the Kindle alone.  This book called to me because I remembered that the writer, Miranda Bliss, was actually an author I really like but using a different name.  I couldn't remember who but decided to read it and see if I could guess.  I couldn't!

So this cozy mystery is your normal deal.  Murder and amateur detecting with a theme.  The theme for this one is a cooking class and I am not sure how the rest of the series can be put under that title.  The cooking class seemed to be a one off thing despite the ending which does give a big hint of how things will continue.  I am sure cooking will be a big thing in the following installments though and like all cozy mysteries that include cooking there are recipes from the story at the back of the book.

The characters are nice enough and I did like Annie.  Eve is a bit of an annoyance sometimes but I believe that is what the author wants us to feel.  The hunky Scottish guy is a nice addition that will have women fanning themselves but being British and knowing a lot of Scottish people I found him to be a little confused.  Some of the time he was very Scottish and other times he was too American.  I am sure Annie doesn't mind much.

The plot was good and it kept me guessing.  Sometimes things seemed a little rushed and jumpy but it wasn't off putting and neither did it ruin the story.  There are quite a few questions I would like asked about a few of the characters.  I don't feel like I got to know them well enough.  Especially Annie and Eve who have known each other for so long.  I was an outsider looking in and wanted to understand them better because they don't seem like a good match.

All in all I liked this one and it seems the series finished with five installments some time ago.  So I have added the other four books to my wishlist and will try and get copies sometime soon.  Oh and for anyone who was really interested,  Miranda Bliss is Casey Daniels.  One of my favourite Paranormal mystery writers!  Any fans will want to check this series out.

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