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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Currently Reading & TBR

Once a month I share my recommendations and Pre-orders but what about the dreaded TBR pile?  What is piling up on that?  What am I really reading at the moment?  I will try and keep you guys updated more often.  Seeing as I don't have time to read and review a book each day.  So here goes....

Currently Reading :

I love the Southern witch series by Kimberly Frost and this fourth installment has taken a long time to finally make an appearance.  This was on pre-order and so when it arrived I wanted to start it straight away.  However I didn't manage to start it till last weekend and I didn't get to read a word of it all week.   I hope to finish it today or tomorrow because I am really enjoying it.  Just keep getting distracted by other stuff!

Currently Listening :

Back in the day I read the Bridget Jones books and enjoyed the films.  So when this third book in the series appeared I was eager to take a look at it.  After all I want to see what has become of this Bridget Jones after all she already went though.

This may not be paranormal but it is definitely a book I have to read.  I had put Bridget away pleased with the happy ending.   Now there is another ending and I am intrigued to know what happened next.

Still Reading :

I haven't managed to pick this one up again.  Actually I haven't really wanted to pick this one up again.   I am about halfway through so I will at some point get to it but right now I have too many other amazing books to read and this one is just going to have to wait.  

Maybe I can push myself to read one story in between each book....

The Dreaded 'To Be Read' Pile :

There are a few books on this list that are ARC's I need to read and review but because they don't release for another couple of months/weeks I trying to read some other stuff first.

The pile has shrunk slightly but there are sooooo many other books I have here to read that just haven't made it onto this pile yet!

Between Two ThornsMemory ZeroThe Midnight Witch
Death by the DozenQuick StudyThe Devil's in the Details

The TakenThe White Magic Five & DimePoisoned Prose
Freezer I'll ShootPoison PromiseLast Wool and Testament
Hot ButtonMission to MurderPortrait of a Dead Guy



samantha.1020 said...

It looks like you have lots of good reading ahead of you! I have tons of books that I need to get to as well, but I'm trying to just relax and enjoy what I am reading. LOL! As long as I don't focus on all of the other books that I want to read....

Aurian said...

I thought I commented before, go and pick up Poisoned Prose! Best cozy author Ellery Adams.

Amberkatze said...

@ Aurian - I think you did comment before but on this weeks update ;)

Poisoned Prose is next up!