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Sunday, February 23, 2014

15) Hijack in Abstract by Larissa Reinhart

The Blurb :

With a classical series sold and a portrait commissioned, Cherry Tucker’s art career is in Georgia overdrive. But when the sheriff asks Cherry to draw a composite sketch of a hijacker, her life takes a hairpin as the composite leads to a related murder, her local card-sharking buddy Max Avtaikin becomes bear bait and her nemesis labels the classical series “pervert art.”

Cherry’s jamming gears between trailer parks, Atlanta mansions, and trucker bars searching for the hijacker who left a widow and orphan destitute. While she seeks to help the misfortunate and save her local reputation, Cherry’s hammer down attitude has her facing the headlights of an oncoming killer.

My Thoughts :

A copy of this book was given to me by Buy the Book Tours when the author was a guest on my blog.  I try not to take on too many review books lately because I just don't have the time to read them all but this one sounded interesting and I do love a good cozy mystery.  When I finally got around to reading this one I noticed it wasn't, as I thought, the first in the series.  This put me off a little but the excerpt I had already read made me want to give this one a chance even if I had missed out on the first two books.

I instantly liked Cherry and she reminded me a little of Stephanie Plum but slightly tamer.  The mystery was interesting and well written but it was the wit and quirky background story that kept me reading. Cherry was trying to solve a murder while having a full house, trying to keep her ex-boyfriends under control, do her job and also stop a smear campaign against her not so good name.  There were a few other things going on too and it made for fun reading while Cherry tried to figure out who the bad guy really was.

This was a nice cozy mystery and I will be adding books one and two to my wishlist.  I am sure some of the surprises have been ruined for me by not starting at the beginning but I really want to see how things started and find out more about the whole situation that has developed up until this third installment.  Also I found Cherry to be such a cool character that I want to have some more adventures with her.

If you are interested in finding out more about this book, series and/or author then make sure you check out the guest post Larissa wrote for Amberkatze's Book Blog and also make sure you enter the giveaway.  It is open for another 25 days while she completes her book tour.  So don't miss out on the chance to win a gift voucher!

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Aurian said...

New author and series to me Amber, adding it to my wishlist. I do love quirky.

Larissa Reinhart said...

Thanks so much for the review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cherry Tucker! She's a lot of fun to write.