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Sunday, December 14, 2014

137) Vacant by Alex Hughes

The Blurb :

Nothing ruins a romantic evening like a brawl with lowlifes—especially when one of them later turns up dead and my date, Detective Isabella Cherabino, is the #1 suspect. My history with the Atlanta PD on both sides of the law makes me an unreliable witness, so while Cherabino is suspended, I’m paying my bills by taking an FBI gig.

I’ve been hired to play telepathic bodyguard for Tommy, the ten-year-old son of a superior court judge in Savannah presiding over the murder trial of a mob-connected mogul. After an attempt on the kid’s life, the Feds believe he’s been targeted by the businessman’s “associates.”

Turns out, Tommy’s a nascent telepath, so I’m trying to help him get a handle on his Ability. But it doesn’t take a mind reader to see that there’s something going on with this kid’s parents that’s stressing him out more than a death threat…

My Thoughts :

The Mindspace Investigations have been amazing reads and this fourth installment is just as brilliant, if not better, than the previous three books.  Alex Hughes has founded a great concept and continues to work her magic on it making this a must read series for me.  Alone the idea of being a telepath isn't a new one but if you start at the beginning of this series and find out all about the Techwars and the Guild you will not only be hooked but also in awe of such a great idea.

I remember not being sure if I would like this series.  After all it is Sci-fi and I don't really like anything of that genre book wise.  Film and TV wise, sure, but reading about it isn't my thing at all.  However the science fiction in this series is subtle and not in your face.   It is interesting and mixed up together with some other very unusual stuff and actually the science fiction angle is mentioned just in passing every now and again.

This fourth book deals with the aftermath of what Cherabino and Adam took part in and did during book three.  It was nice how we left them but things get strange and twist around within a few pages of this book starting and the whole time I feel sorry for the strain it will put on them both and worry about the fallout.  Despite that mess there is more work for Adam and it takes him away from his usual haunts and puts him in some situations that will test him and his sobriety.  It was a wonderful plot and it kept me engaged all the way through the book but I won't give anything away because there are some nice twists and turns in there.

You can't go wrong with the Mindspace Investigations.  Even if it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, it is worth giving it a chance because this unique series is in a world of its own and will surprise you.  It certainly surprised me and the continuing story continues to surprise and keep me reading.  I can't wait to see what happens next, there are some big changes coming and it will make for great reading I am sure!

Vacant is another success in the Mindscape Investigations series and it remains on my must read list.  I can only hope that this series continues for a good few years and that the author delights us, sometime in the future, with something else as equally amazing as this series.

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