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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monthly Giveaway & Sherry Soule Contest Reminder!

The Monthly Giveaway is open!  Have you voted and entered?

There are five books to choose from and the winning book is then the prize!  The winner gets a copy of the book that wins the vote!

Want to find out more?  Go over and see which books are on offer, vote for the one you would like to see win and then make sure you are entered via the widget!

Remember!  The books on offer are my favourite reads from last month! So they are really really good and usually new releases!

You have a few more days left to enter so don't waste any time and go check it out before it is too late!


Have you entered the Sherry Soule Contest?    The author has a fun quiz for you all to take part in and then you can enter the giveaway!  This one is open for another couple of weeks so you have time to get some friends involved too!  Then if they win you can borrow their copy of the prize!

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