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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Best of 2011 Giveaway - Results & Winners!

I read some great books in 2011. After painstakingly narrowing down my favourites to just 10 books I asked you guys to vote for which book you thought deserved to win.

However that isn't that much fun....so I also decided to give a copy of the top three books away to three lucky Amberkatze's Book Blog newsletter subscribers!

So the votes are in. It is time to see what books did well and which ones didn't do so well...

8th Place - The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting was a super read but with only 1.69% of the vote it just couldn't win against the big names.

7th place - This one was in my top 5 favourite reads but it seems you guys are fans. Sympathy for the Devil By Justin Gustainis comes in second from last with only 2.54% of the votes!

6th Place - Even if it only got 6.78% of the vote I hope you will still try Forsaken By Jana Oliver . This is a really special series and I can't wait for more.

5th Place - Not a lot of Steampunk fans here? Heartless by Gail Carriger is full of paranormal wit and fun but it only got 8.47% of the vote.

Joint 4th Place - Silver-Tongued Devil By Jaye Wells & How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf By Molly Harper both got 10.17% of the votes. Two great reads but miles apart from each other. Definitely worth reading!

Joint 3rd Place - Working Stiff By Rachel Caine & My Life As a White Trash Zombie By Diana Rowland both got 13.56% of the vote. If I had to pick an overall best read for 2011 I do believe I would go with the White Trash Zombie. So I am glad it got to 3rd position.

2nd Place - A big name in the genre and a well deserved place in the top 3 with 15.25%! The Gathering By Kelley Armstrong was a brilliant read and I can't wait for the sequel to come out later this year.

1st Place - And the winner is...Touch of Power By Maria V. Snyder!!!! Wooohooo!!! I can't say I am surprised that this amazing read made it to the top three but I didn't expect it to win over all the others! Well done Maria! You are the Best of 2011!!!

Congrats to all the authors! And thanks to all of you for voting! I hope all the books have either found their way onto your reading pile already or are on your wishlist. They really are the ones you shouldn't miss out on.

However now it is time to announce the winners of the giveaway!

As promised I am giving away a copy of the top three books! Because third place was a tie I am allowing the winners to pick which one they want from the top four books. Working on a first come first served basis. So if your name is one of the three winners picked...be fast and email me your choice ;)

So congrats to the newsletter subscribers with the emails beginning with :




Keep reading to find out how to claim your prize!

Didn't win this time? Check out the Monthly Giveaway! Once a month I let you vote and win! Sign up for the Newsletter and you won't miss out on an opportunity.

The Kimberly Frost contest is still open! Win one of five books!


How to claim your prize!

Please contact me via email - Amberkatzes_book_blog at gmx dot eu within the next 7 days to claim your prize. Your claim will go quicker if you send me your address. If you won a contest where you can choose your prize, then please make sure you state in your email which book you would like. This will help things go alot quicker! If you won an e-book please make sure you send me the email address you would like the book sent to!

If you email me and don't get a reply within 48 hours please post on the blog letting me know. Some email gets eaten by my spam filter. However please don't send me more than one email unless you really don't get an answer within 3 days. I am not online 24/7 ;) Sometimes it takes a little longer to reply.

If a prize isn't claimed after 7 days I will, if the author agrees, pick another winner.

Please also note that I can not be held responsible for prizes that come direct from authors. I will check with them for you if you haven't received your prize but I can not hunt down your mail! Any prizes that come from myself could come from a 3rd party eg. Amazon or Bookdepository. If I am sending a prize myself please be aware that it could take a few weeks to reach you as it is coming from Europe.

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