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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jennifer Estep Contest! (includes apology....)

So there is me wondering why nobody has entered the amazing Jennifer Estep Contest and then I noticed the comments option had been turned off!

I am soooo sorry!! I should have noticed sooner!

So please feel free to go enter now and because of the technical error I will leave the contest open a few more days!

Go Enter Now! You could win a set of the whole Mythos Academy series!


The Mythos Academy Series :

#0.5 - First Frost
#1 - Touch of Frost
#1.5 - Halloween Frost (Inside 'Entangled')
#2 - Kiss of Frost
#3 - Dark Frost (Due for release on May 29th)

Elemental Assassin Series

#1 - Spider’s Bite
#2 - Web of Lies
#3 - Venom
#4 - Tangled Threads
#5 - Spider’s Revenge
#5.5 - Thread of Death
#6 - By a Thread
#7 - Widow’s Web (Due out in August)


Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


SandyG265 said...

Thanks for the chance to win a set of the books.

miki said...

i was interested but it's only for us an can so i can't enter but thanks you for the giveaway anyway

Barbara E. said...

I kept checking back, I was hoping you would notice that there were no comments. :D I entered this morning.

Unknown said...

Luckily someone emailed me. It has been a busy week in work and I hadn't paid much attention to the blog. So it was only yesterday I noticed :(

trichie said...

Would love to win theses. Thanks for the opportunity.